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23 November 2006


Ven. Sharanananda Bhikkhu

Dear Dharma Brothers,

Our's is a charitable, voluntary organization which is a non-profit, non-sectarian, socio-economic and cultural & religious organization established in 1999 with the aims and objectives to uphold religious sanctity, propagation of Buddhism and to alleviate poverty of ill-fated people of the tribal inhabitants. It is situated in the Southern part of the Chittagong Hill Tracts, bordering Tripura and Mizoram State of India. This is the only region of Bangladesh where the indigenous Buddhist people’s are majority. Eleven different indigenous ethnic groups live in this region who live from hand to mouth deprive of basic amenities of their life. Our aims and objects to help redress their sorrow and sufferings are earmarked below:
To provide assistance and shelter to Homeless, destitute, distressed, abandoned, orphans and aged.
To protect life of widows, distressed women and their children and to safeguard their human rights.
To provide help poor families to construct their dwelling houses.
Non-formal education for eradication of illiteracy.
Emergency relief at the time of natural disaster.
To awake awareness against spread of HIV/AIDS.
Sinking tube-well for the supply of pure drinking water.
Rural sanitation and to ensure health care facilities
And in many other socio-economic development activities. We have been rendering our services relentlessly to redress sorrow and sufferings of the down troden people of the society but due to our limited resources we can not materialize our cherished goal.

Mention may be made here that Malaria and Dengu is the biggest enemies in the Hill areas. All Chittagong Hill Tracts is known as Malaria zone. Most of the income earned by the local people are spent on the treatment of malaria. Countless people die every year of this fatal disease. The danger of malaria increases alarmingly from March to September. We have taken vigorous step to help malaria affected people by supplying mosquito net but due to paucity of required fund we can not extend our helping hand towards those victim people.

Possibly you are aware recent flood havoc which caused heavy damage in about 34 districts, causing serious damage to lives and property, lost of crops, animals, vegetable and other resources. The miseries of the people is beyond description. Innumerable people have been affected by water related diseases like jaundice, diarrhea and dysentry. We conducted relief operation by raising money, other essential commodities and distributed to the needy people. Flood water recesses in some parts of the devastating area. It is crying need of the hour to rehabilitate the victims. Our means are limited and we are not in a position to handle the situation due to our limited resources.

We will highly appreciate if you would kindly come forward and extend your best helping hand so as to enable us to cope with the situation.

Looking forward to hear from you soon. Best regards,

Ven. Sharanananda Bhikkhu
Parbtya Adibashi Unnayan Sangstha
Dharma Vhiraj Sugatananda Buddhist Orphanage
Chabai Road, Pankhaiya Para,
P.O. Khagrachari Sadar, Khagrachari Hill Tract
Phone: 00880 371 62618
E-mail: sarananandahwa@yahoo.com

Bank name a/c No.
Bangladesh Krishi Bank
Khagrachari Branch (Sadar)
Khagrachari, Chittagong Hill Tracts.
Saving A/C.No. 9485

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