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21 February 2007


Nikhil Gangoli


Not just Tibetan Buddhism but also Zen and all other branches of Buddhism have many skillful means or recipes that we can use in our lives.

Mahayana Buddhism is in fact called the greater vehicle because it has many skillful means to attain enlightenement as compared to the Theravada tradition.

I remember also reading Alan Watts and he said that Buddhism can be looked upon as a dialogue between a master and one individual student. The student or disciple is pursuing enlightenment and the master offers his just that skillful means that would be helpful to the student at that time. Hence we often see contradictory statements in Buddhism - these statements were addressed to different disciples with varying needs and that is why the teachigns seem contradictory. One teaching may be right for one student at the time when it was given to him but the exact opposite teaching may be appropriate for someone else.

Hence we must be careful to select and apply just that teaching which will be helpful to us amongst all that are available.

I have applied the Zen master Bodhidharma's teaching "This very Mind the Buddha" to my day to day life and have immensely benefited. Please see this article for the full story

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