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21 February 2007


Gerald Ford

It is both interesting and heartening that sincere dhamma practice and realization transcends tradition and that accomplished practitioners from different traditions can relate very easily with each other.

This is an excellent point, and shows when a teacher is spiritually "mature". They no longer get hung up on their own doctrine, but are on a sincere pursuit of the truth. :)

I follow Jodo Shinshu in the US, but I have always been deeply admirable of the Theravada Path, and frequently study the Pali Canon. There's so much beauty in those texts, and Honen's and Shinran's words centuries later, often reflect the same essence in my amateur research.

Take care!


I was very interested to find this blog. Is there any Chinese Pure Land in the UK? I practised this whilst in Malaysia but cannot find any organisation in the UK.

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