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16 April 2007


Nikhil Gangoli


It is certainly true that the teaching are no more than fingers pointing at the moon. This is what Bruce Lee famously said in the opening scenes of the movie Enter the Dragon and that was perhaps my first exposure to Buddhist teachings.

Perhaps one of the reasons why the scriptures are regarded as sacred objects and not as teachings that we can apply in our day to day lives is that these are the products of mystical insight and we ordinary folk cannot see what the mystics do. So because we cannot see what the mystics see we venerate them but do not necessarily attempt to apply the teachigns in our lives.

In the following link I have attempted to describe how it is possible to apply one of the Buddhist teachings in our daily lives and how we may be benefitted by doing so. The teaching is this statement by the Zen master Bodhidharma "This very Mind is the Buddha."

I have attempted to some extent to apply this teaching in my life and the results are described in the article below.

I have been immensely helped as a result.

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